Tasers and 60 Minutes

I found this very interesting program on the use of Tasers by Police Officers in their work  defending and protecting us. The CBS 60 Minutes presentation on Tasers  mentions that the mere sight of a Taser will convince a criminal to give up without a fight. ” It is the hottest thing in police work for controlling people without injuring themselves or the suspect.”  We know that the incidences of police injuries and deaths while on the job are too high everywhere. The Las Vegas Police Department reports that stats on casualties for both officers and suspects have decreased every year since Tasers were introduced. Marcus Martin, the Chief Taser Instructor for the Las Vegas Police Department says,”Many people ( both criminals and police officers ) are alive today because of Tasers…they reduce the use of deadly force.”

 In our great country where we guard and protect our 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms, the use of Tasers seem a better tool to protect and defend oneself where lethal force can be avoided.  We offer Tasers and a StunGun-Flashlight  that will deter and protect us in all sorts of situations.

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2 in 1 stungun-flashlight

60 minutes

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