Stun Gun Flashlight

If I am walking down the street  or driving in one of the worst parts of town that is known for high crime ( going to and from meetings) I will be ready with my Guardian Girls Pepper Spray ( the Athletic Angel ) in the fingerband “hands-free”. This is so effective and also great when there are more than one attackers.

  Now I also have the Stun-Gun Flashlight  that has over 4 million volts. Both of them are needed and used in self-defense situations to keep us safe.

Here’s the best way to use the Stun-Gun Flashlight:

  •  Use the flashlight to illuminate your path. It is very powerful light, with a good wide angle and it will help see the surroundings. An added plus is if an attacker approaches you can shine it directly in their face which will temporarily blind and disorient them….usually when someone shines a bright light in your face you put up your hands to shield your eyes. This is the perfect moment to use the stun part of the light with the 4 million volts.
  • Practice switching it on, both the light and the stun part, then you will also know how loud and powerful this is. The sound alone is enough in many cases to keep someone away. The sound of the ZZZZT works great  when I am walking in the neighborhoods with menacing dogs too.
  • Do not just jab but hold and press the stun gun end against the assailant for 2-3 seconds. A short jab will only deliver a short burst, but if you hold it on them for 2-3 seconds, the full current will be deployed, disabling their muscle control and they will fall to the ground. This will incapacitate the attacker for a few minutes…enough time for you to run away.


Practice this without the battery in it until you are very comfortable with the different functions and very quick with the actions. Practice makes Perfect, and when we are in a scary or menacing situation we have to rely on our practiced moves that have become instinctual. Adrenaline is high and thinking time is short, with NO ROOM FOR ERROR. 

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