Sunken Ship but no Treasure

I wrote in one of my last Blog Posts of how important it is to keep your Pepper Spray and your Guardian Girls Flashlight (Stun Gun) with you in your handbag. The chance of your next voyage being the next Titanic is beyond remote. But, more likely is the chance that you will be accosted when you go on land in some of these ports.      As most of you are aware the ports are not always in the nicest parts of town. Then, you get in the line to grab a cab to go to a site that you don’t even know the way, and sometimes not even know the language of destination.  Even when I have gone to some of the Caribbean Islands where I speak the language, and grabbed a cab to go over to the other side of the island, I have not always felt that I was in the safest situation.  A few Margaritas and hours later, fear can rear it’s ugly head when again I have to put my safety into the hands of a cabbie who knows that I probably have cash and credit cards on me. I have always been very trusting in situations like these, but now I am confident knowing that I am empowered to keep myself safe.

Stay Safe, Sexy and Sophisticated…..Yvonne Anderson

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