5 Ways to leave the scene of your crime

  1. Make sure you have your keys out as you approach your door; whether it is your car, your house or your apartment. You can hold your keys with one key protruding from your fist so that it can be used as a weapon, if needed. Better yet, have your Guardian Girls Pepper Spray out and ready to be used. Make sure your car is locked at all times, even in your driveway. Look into your car to make sure that it is empty, especially the back seat.
  2. If you think someone is following you, switch directions or cross the street.    If the person continues to follow you then move quickly toward an open store or restaurant or a lighted house. Don’t be afraid to yell for help. When you walk have your Pepper Spray with you, ready and set to be used. Remember, empower yourself with your mind, your body and the tools you have.
  3. If someone tries to rob you, give up your property, don’t give up your life. If you’re robbed or assaulted then report the crime to the police. Try to describe the attacker accurately. Your action can help prrevent someone else from becoming a victim. Practice with trying to describe a stranger you just met with your children or a friend. Practice does make perfect in becoming empowered to defend and protect yourself.
  4. If a dating partner has abused you, then do not meet him/her alone. Don’t let him/her into your car or your home…..why would you even be with someone who has abused you in the first place ???????????      Being single and having gone on blind dates and even having gone on a few “online dates” I could write a book of the stupid things I have done and the dangerous situations I have put myself into. Now, I only meet someone I don’t know in a very, very public place like a coffee shop or a mall. Did I tell you about meeting someone at their house and he started showing me an album of when he was in Thailand cross dressing and had more make-up on than me, then to make matters even worse he wanted to show me the furnace in the padlocked basement…….time to EXIT QUICKLY. More stories later.
  5. go to  http://www.ncpc.org/training/training-topics/campus-crime-prevention   This site has so many great ideas for keeping campuses safe, how to form threat assessment modules and emergency preparedness .  There are many sections to the National Crime Prevention Council at www.ncpc.org with tips for your communities, your schools, your neighborhoods and your families.

Stay safe, stay secure and empowered ….Yvonne Anderson, Pres. and Founder GuardianGirls.com

Finding Help When Domestic Violence Occurs



“When a woman leaves a relationship she is 75% more likely to be killed leaving the situation than she is if she stays in that situation.” ( Ilene Shehan, from Hope House, hopehouse.netLocal victims’ advocates say domestic violence is an ongoing problem with an increase in cases when the economy sours and joblessness increases. According to Shawnee Kansas Police  (http://fox4kc.com/2012/03/14/women-more-at-risk-by-leaving-domestic-situations/)    they have worked several cases where it appears that domestic violence led to death.  When a victim decides to leave a relationship there’s more of a chance of things turning deadly, according to a local advocate in Shawnee, Kansas.

       ” The reasoning behind the increase in violence once the woman leaves the
relationship is because the abusive partner is losing control, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get that control back.” ( Ilene Shehan from Hope House ).
“Last year we turned away more women and children than we were actually able to serve in the shelter”.

The statistics should not be a reason to not seek help. There are agencies out there who can assist. Search for Domestic Violence Hotlines.   You don’t even have to necessarily go to a shelter for help….Just make the call.

  • Here in Miami I am on the Board for SafeSpace Foundation. We have so many different ways of helping domestic violence victims. In South Florida our phone number is 800-500-1119. SafeSpaceFoundation.org
  • Remember you are never alone. If you are being abused or you know someone who is being abused, please call the Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800-500-1119
  • Abuse comes in many forms including physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, financial and psychological.  The abusor often threats, isolation or humiliation to display power and control.    Dating abuse is unfortunately on the rise.  According to a recent study conducted by Liz Claiborne, over 60% of all teen dating relationships have some form of verbal, physical, emotional or technological abuse.
  • In Kansas the Hope House Shelter phone number is  816-HOTLINE  OR 816-461-HOPE OR 816-461-4188  HOPEHOUSE.NET
    Stay safe, secure and sophisticated with GuardianGirls.com and donate to the Guardian Girls Foundation to stop the cycle of violence.

Watch where you put your drink (ROOFY)when you’re out in public AND FINDING YOUR VOICE !!!

My niece was telling me that now she and her friends have to watch where their drink is at all times when they are out at a bar. I asked what she does when she has to go to the Ladies’ room: ” I bring it with me” was her answer. The word is roofy and the Urban Dictionary states that roofy is a date rape pill. A pill someone puts in your drink so you can pass out and they can rape or have sex with you.

What made me think of it was an article I was reading about a woman who survived being raped by her best friend’s husband after being drugged at the friend’s house:  http://fox4kc.com/2012/02/15/woman-survives-being-raped-by-friends-husband/

Just as important is to report an incident like this to the proper authorities. This article brought back a very horrible memory of a neighbor who was over helping my husband and I move a huge rock from our yard.  The three of us were working hard together when my husband had to go to the local hardware to get another tool for the project. The neighbor took this as an opportunity to try and force himself on me. I was shocked that he would try this in my home and while my husband was gone on such a short errand. The neighbor was a big guy, about 6’3″ and 230 lbs. I am tall, 5’9″ but I didn’t have one ounce of “know-how” of self-defense. The only thing I could think of was grabbing the nearby kitchen knife and threatening him with that. He tried to make an excuse for it all saying that his wife never had sex with him…..like I cared.         My husband returned home within minutes and I feigned fatigue for not going out and helping any more with the project.

It was only after the neighbor left that I told my husband and he called the neighbor and told him never to come over to our property again. In retrospect, I should have gone directly to the authorities so that he couldn’t try assaulting another woman, as I later heard he did. Neither did she go to the authorities. Only now, after being stalked and assaulted by another man and many years later have I found my voice and become empowered to protect myself and find products that will protect women and keep them safe and secure.

Sunken Ship but no Treasure

I wrote in one of my last Blog Posts of how important it is to keep your Pepper Spray and your Guardian Girls Flashlight (Stun Gun) with you in your handbag. The chance of your next voyage being the next Titanic is beyond remote. But, more likely is the chance that you will be accosted when you go on land in some of these ports.      As most of you are aware the ports are not always in the nicest parts of town. Then, you get in the line to grab a cab to go to a site that you don’t even know the way, and sometimes not even know the language of destination.  Even when I have gone to some of the Caribbean Islands where I speak the language, and grabbed a cab to go over to the other side of the island, I have not always felt that I was in the safest situation.  A few Margaritas and hours later, fear can rear it’s ugly head when again I have to put my safety into the hands of a cabbie who knows that I probably have cash and credit cards on me. I have always been very trusting in situations like these, but now I am confident knowing that I am empowered to keep myself safe.

Stay Safe, Sexy and Sophisticated…..Yvonne Anderson

Going on a Cruise…bring our flashlight and be SAFE !!

I was watching a National Geographic Special last evening about the sinking of the Concordia  off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean ( Is.di Giglio) near Livorno. It was a riveting documentary about the lack of coordination from crew and passengers at night during the necessary evacuation of the ship. I kept thinking of how important it is for us to keep our flashlight ( that is also a very powerful stun gun ) with you in your purse/bag. It puts out a lot of light with all of the LED lights and is rechargeable.

I carry my Guardian Girls Flashlight Stun Gun with me in my purse. I have a lot of meetings where I have to park my car in huge garages or street parking that is far enough away from the crowds. I used to be nervous and fearful whenever these situations arose. Now I am empowered and do not hesitate to attend the meetings that run late into the night or to go to the concert where I know I’m going to have to park in one of those lots that are in east noplace. My desire is that all women would feel as free to go where they need to go and not hesitate because they have our products that empower them to stay safe, sexy and sophisticated.

Our Winged Edition Pepper Spray in Florence, Italy….Stay Safe

During our Distribribution Sales Tour of Italy we encountered one of our Winged Edition Pepper Sprays with a beautiful young Italian woman on the steps of the Duomo in Firenze. Women are always proud to display our beautifully hand-crafted Swarovski crystal Pepper Sprays that keep them safe no matter where they are in the world.

Stay Safe all while being sexy and sophisticated….. Yvonne Anderson

Stun Gun Flashlight

If I am walking down the street  or driving in one of the worst parts of town that is known for high crime ( going to and from meetings) I will be ready with my Guardian Girls Pepper Spray ( the Athletic Angel ) in the fingerband “hands-free”. This is so effective and also great when there are more than one attackers.

  Now I also have the Stun-Gun Flashlight  that has over 4 million volts. Both of them are needed and used in self-defense situations to keep us safe.

Here’s the best way to use the Stun-Gun Flashlight:

  •  Use the flashlight to illuminate your path. It is very powerful light, with a good wide angle and it will help see the surroundings. An added plus is if an attacker approaches you can shine it directly in their face which will temporarily blind and disorient them….usually when someone shines a bright light in your face you put up your hands to shield your eyes. This is the perfect moment to use the stun part of the light with the 4 million volts.
  • Practice switching it on, both the light and the stun part, then you will also know how loud and powerful this is. The sound alone is enough in many cases to keep someone away. The sound of the ZZZZT works great  when I am walking in the neighborhoods with menacing dogs too.
  • Do not just jab but hold and press the stun gun end against the assailant for 2-3 seconds. A short jab will only deliver a short burst, but if you hold it on them for 2-3 seconds, the full current will be deployed, disabling their muscle control and they will fall to the ground. This will incapacitate the attacker for a few minutes…enough time for you to run away.


Practice this without the battery in it until you are very comfortable with the different functions and very quick with the actions. Practice makes Perfect, and when we are in a scary or menacing situation we have to rely on our practiced moves that have become instinctual. Adrenaline is high and thinking time is short, with NO ROOM FOR ERROR. 

Tasers and 60 Minutes

I found this very interesting program on the use of Tasers by Police Officers in their work  defending and protecting us. The CBS 60 Minutes presentation on Tasers  mentions that the mere sight of a Taser will convince a criminal to give up without a fight. ” It is the hottest thing in police work for controlling people without injuring themselves or the suspect.”  We know that the incidences of police injuries and deaths while on the job are too high everywhere. The Las Vegas Police Department reports that stats on casualties for both officers and suspects have decreased every year since Tasers were introduced. Marcus Martin, the Chief Taser Instructor for the Las Vegas Police Department says,”Many people ( both criminals and police officers ) are alive today because of Tasers…they reduce the use of deadly force.”

 In our great country where we guard and protect our 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms, the use of Tasers seem a better tool to protect and defend oneself where lethal force can be avoided.  We offer Tasers and a StunGun-Flashlight  that will deter and protect us in all sorts of situations.

Stay Safe,


2 in 1 stungun-flashlight

60 minutes

New Year’s Day with Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker and Yvonne

New Year’s Day and a visit from my favorite Actor and Comedian, Chris Tucker. Chris was in Miami for the Holidays and came for a visit . He has just finished a movie with Robert DeNiro , Bradley Cooper and Julia Stiles: Silver Linings Playbook,  filmed in Philadelphia. He is looking great and funny as ever. He has always been involved with great charitable causes, going very often to help in Africa with Pres. Bill Clinton and Bono….very admirable. Can’t wait to see what 2012 brings to Chris.