Our Story


 Guardian Girls is a company dedicated to bringing the very best products for self-protection and safety to women globally. Our goal is to empower women and provide the most effective and fashionable tools needed to be safe, sexy and sophisticated.Our products have been tested and researched to be of the highest quality and produced under the most stringent standards in the industry.

We offer a diverse range of products and services for every type of situation.The Athletic Angel pepper sprays meets the demands for active lifestyles, the Winged Edition Gemmed pepper sprays for nights out on the town, Tasers for every occasion, athletic wear for comfort and style, private protection services for your own personal security, and private boutique training to teach tactics for self defense and confidence.


Guardian Girls was founded by Yvonne Anderson, a single mother that has survived many life challenges and aims to help enable women everywhere to be safe, sexy and sophisticated. Having personally fallen victim to a stalker, Yvonne knows firsthand what it is like to have to look danger in the face. Her successful battle with breast cancer has left her with a mission to empower other women by giving them the tools to overcome any situation.

Over the years Yvonne donated to and affiliated herself with a variety of charitable organizations aimed at helping disenfranchised women. Yvonne thinks it is every woman’s basic right to feel safe at all times. The company is a true reflection of her beliefs and strives to combine safety, elegance, and beauty by providing the most trusted and innovated products to help achieve this goal.